How I Reached Out To Furoshikis                                For English

How I Reached Out To Furoshikis

In 2007 in Florida, USA, I just don’t know why but I hit upon an attractive idea ? “Furoshiki!”

I have been an eco-friendly person interested in the designing cloth and longing for conveying the wonder of Japanese culture.

Furoshiki would make all these things: contribution to eco-friendliness, beauty of Japanese culture, and various stylish patterns of the cloth.

“Yes, Furoshiki does this!” I was so excited.

Soon I set a goal that my friend and I sell our original Furoshiki in the U.S. and we produced three kinds of originally designed Furoshiki.

At the same time we took some instructor courses and other workshops about Furoshiki.

Our originally designed Furoshiki were first sold at a bazaar in the USA. People worldwide liked them, and we had good results from our sales.

Now as I am introducing how to use a traditional Furoshiki, there is the potential to have this magical cloth for modern ecological life used all over the world.

I’m happy to be called a “Furoshiki communicator” because I can connect you with Japanese culture and ecological mindedness.

Whether there are small lessons, regular lessons, or big events, any kind of lesson is available in English. You’re always welcome to experience the wonderful world of Furoshiki too.