風呂敷講習会承ります。                                        日本語


I’m ECO, a Furoshiki communicator, respecting a good communication between you and Furoshiki.

Do you have Furoshiki at home?
Furoshiki -What a magic cloth!
This swatch of cloth can be fashioned into a stylish bag in almost any shape by tying knots.


What are attractive about Furoshiki?

  • Creative and Flexible ⇒tie only two kinds of knots to create all sorts of bags! 
  • Reusable ⇒replace paper and plastic shopping bags to protect the environment!
  • Stylish ⇒choose one you like from various patterns…very enjoyable as bags!

You can join the sustainable ecological action in the stylish way with Japanese tradition.
The Furoshiki easily travels with you so it can be spontaneously used as a grocery bag, as a substitution for any other bag, as gift wrapping, etc…


Let’s create a unique decorative fashion and benefit the environment as a member of Spacecraft Earth.
We are happy to have you in our Furoshiki lessons.
Lessons can be arranged in English.
Please feel free to inquire.